Building Supplies

Home Building Centre's supply millions of board feet of quality Canadian lumber to both the professional contractor and to the Saturday DIY customer every year.

Since 1965, we have been buying lumber from Canada's premier mills which are known for their quality and service. Our long standing relationship with these suppliers means that our lumber yards can offer you some of the best lumber produced in Canada at very competitive prices.

Lumber Terms and Information

Grade Stamp: A stamp or symbol indicating that a piece of wood has been inspected for quality and meets the requirements for a specific use. Certified Canadian producers use a stamp that is approved by the CLA (Canadian Lumber Association).
Board Foot: A piece of wood that measures 1" thick x 12" long x 12" wide.
Kiln Dried: Lumber that has been seasoned in a kiln to a predetermined moisture content. Kiln dried framing lumber is dried to 19% or less moisture content. Pine lumber is usually dried to approximately 8-10%.
Green Lumber: Lumber that is unseasoned; not dry with a moisture content of 19% or more.
Construction Grade: A grade of lumber, characterized by good appearance, strength, serviceability and the absence of any serious defects.
Nominal Size: The size designation of most lumber used for convenience. In lumber, the nominal size is usually greater than the actual dimension. e.g.:2 x 4 actually equals 1 1/2" x 3 1/2".
Actual Size: The finished size as opposed to the nominal size of a piece of wood.
Wane: The presence of bark or lack of wood from any cause on the edge or corner of a piece of wood.
Economy: The lowest recognized grade in lumber. This grade allows for many defects and is generally not recommended for structural framing members.
S.P.F. Indicates that the piece of wood is from the Spruce, Pine, Fir family.
P.A.D. Indicates that the piece of wood is Partly Air Dried.
Knot: A branch or limb embedded in a tree and cut through in the manufacturing process.

Warehouse Yard

There is no need to wait for the truck to arrive at your  Building Centre!!  From footings to roof rafters, our yards stock a full range of lumber sizes and thicknesses to allow you to start your project on time.

If you need more wood than you can carry in your own vehicle, don't worry - Home Building Centres use the latest in delivery equipment to get your material to your project - on time, professionally wrapped and damage-free. We guarantee it!

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